Apex vs Valorant – Which game is better

Comparisons are good if they are impacting things and moving them in a positive way. Like comparing your skills in a game vs, a better player so you can see where you are lacking and work on it. Just like that today I am going to compare Valorant and Apex Legend two of the most popular online Free-to-play shooters and will tell you which one is better. But of course, there will be differences because one is a battle royal and the other one is a tactical shooter.


Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter that was released in June 2020 after having one of the biggest alpha in gaming history. Unlike Apex Legend valorant tends to be a slower-paced game in which you have to play carefully you can just run and gun every time you see an enemy because in valorant guns have a lot more recoil and bullet physics going on that you’ll miss every shot of yours. In valorant, the team consists of 5 different agents with different abilities quite like apex legends. Valorant agents have different abilities like reviving the knockout teammate having a fire on your hand or even teleportation other than abilities other than that the agents also have ultimate which they need orbs to get. Valorant also has some of the best cosmetics in first-person shooters.

Skins are built like dragons are right on your hand and have kill animations to finish. Valorant also has a massive e-sports scene called the VCT circuit where Riot the company behind the game sponsors the tournaments to bring out a joy-full contest between the best in the world. Valorant is said to have a blend of elements from Counterstrike Global Offensive and overwatch, so the game has the best from both worlds. The gunplay from CSGO And graphics from Overwatch But that doesn’t mean that they copied the games because if you play valorant yourself you’ll feel that the game is nothing like Overwatch or nor like counter-strike.

Apex Legends:

Apex Legend is a first-person battle royal that was released back in February 2019 when the battle royal genre was on the boom thanks to Fortnite and PUBG. Apex Legend is a team-based game where you have 3 team members and have to survive to the end you know like a battle royal! Apex Legends still has a solid player base thanks to its skill-based gunplay and unique legends. The game has rotation-based maps, so you’ll get different maps in new seasons. Being free to play also makes the game’s player base so big because you don’t have to buy the game to try it out like some other BRS.

Apex Legends also has buyable cosmetics that you can use to upgrade your weapon, unlock new legends and so on and so forth. Apex Legends also has a quite big esports scene The recent tournament “ALGS Championship” got a hefty price pool of 2 million dollars. The game has very fast-paced gameplay combined with hard shooting mechanics making it a challenge for new players of the genre unlike valorant Apex Legends is also available on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. The multiplatform support produces a diverse player base for the game.

Apex Badge Boosting:

Apex Legends has different badges to unlock. These badges are displayed on your player’s profile and are a great way to enhance your profile’s overall feel. But unlocking some of these badges is quite hard like the 20-bomb badge which means you have to give 2000 damage to the enemies considering that in a match there are only 60 players this is a lot harder than it looks. other than this badge there are also legends-based and account-based badges which you can only unlock with individually different types of legend for example, the Bloodhound Legend has a badge called “Apex Tracker” for scanning all nine enemy squads in a single game.

Now you have an idea of how hard it can be there is a solution for it and that is buying the apex badge boosting service. In this service, you can hire a high-rank booster like a predator rank player to play on your account and get you those badges. Don’t worry, this service is inexpensive, so you’ll not burn a hole in your wallet by buying this service.

Here’s a chart comparing the two games:


Apex Legends


Genre Battle royal. Tactical Shooter.
Team Size 3 Players. 5 Players.
Gameplay Fast Paced. Strategic Based – Slowpaced.
Main Focus To survive till the end. To Complete the objectives
Free To play? Yes. Yes.

Now these are some of the most common factors to consider between valorant and Apex Legends both games have their pros and cons. Like valorant is way easier to run on pc than Apex Legends. On the other hand, Apex Legends is multi-platform while Valorant is only available on PC. But if you are looking for a one-line answer then I will say “It depends”. If you want a fast-paced game with a full adrenaline rush then go for Apex. If you have a good aim and are familiar with tactical shooters, then go for valorant.

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